This year again, the Therapixel team will be attending the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) which will take place online from March 3 to March 7. At the event, we will present MammoScreen, an AI-based software assisting radiologists in the interpretation of screening mammograms. MammoScreen just received the CE clearance and is now available for sale in Europe!

Triumphant over algorithms developed by 120 independent teams of data experts in a global AI competition, the Digital Mammography DREAM Challenge, MammoScreen helps physicians boost their reading performance and improves their decision-making confidence.

Non-intrusive, MammoScreen Score provides physicians with a second opinion on breast images. MammoScreen detects and characterizes suspicious findings, and assigns a unique and actionable score to them, the MammoScreen Score.

We’ll be pleased to virtually meet you at our booth, where you can:

  • Discover the interview of a radiologist sharing his experience of using MammoScreen
  • Take a quick look at how MammoScreen works with you
  • Exchange with our team via the chat

RPS 605-11

On the ability of an AI system to detect breast cancer earlier

European Congress of Radiology is one of the leading international conferences in the field of radiology. Every year the meeting gathers radiology professionals, physicists, radiographers, and industry experts to discuss the trending topics and discover innovative technologies at the exhibition. ECR 2021 is held as an online event at