What we do

At the heart of Therapixel is technology, especially applied mathematics and computer vision. Using various forms of Artificial Intelligence, we develop pertinent products to help healthcare professionals access images more easily and use them in a meaningful way in their specific context.

We aim to facilitate access to the right images and
supplement them with pertinent information


MammoScreen™ is a software that reads digital mammograms to detect and qualify abnormal tissue whether they are likely to be cancerous. Using Deep Learning technologies, the algorithm was trained to recognise cancer lesions on hundreds of thousands of cases that were previously annotated by breast radiologist experts and confirmed when needed by a biopsy.

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Therapixel Suite is a comprehensive and integrated system that delivers medical images in the operating room when the surgeon or interventional radiologist needs it. Further, it allows the user to manipulate the displayed images without touching the screen or having to instruct someone to do it. This is made possible by using a camera that reads the user’s hands gestures using computer vision and machine learning. You can stay sterile and see the images you want, the way you want them.

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We bring relevant information to medical professionals at the time they use medical images


Our surgery products are CE cleared, Therapixel complies with the ISO 13485 standard.
Therapixel Suite is a CE cleared medical image visualization platform.
MammoScreen™ is currently undergoing FDA and CE clearance.