Breast cancer in the world

Female breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the world, with 2.09 million cases diagnosed in 2018. On average, 1 of 8 women will develop this disease during their lifetime. According to statistics, developed countries have the highest rates of this malady in woman. However, this might be due to the lack of its diagnosis in the developing countries.

Pink October – fight breast cancer together

If identified early, this illness is more likely to be cured. By spreading awareness about the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer all over the world we reduce its burden and save lives. October has been designated as the Pink Month – the month dedicated to raise Breast Cancer Awareness. Since 1990, every year organizations all over the world run campaigns to educate concerned people about the symptoms associated with the disease, communicate on the importance of its early screening and raise funds for the research.

Therapixel in the breast cancer awareness race

Therapixel participates in a race in honor of Breast Cancer awareness daySince 2002, Association ODYSSEA has been organizing charity races in the fight against breast cancer in France. These races aim to collect donations to fund the research, increase awareness of this disease all over the country, support patients associations and assist local women undergoing treatment.

Last Sunday Therapixel team participated in ODYSSEA marathon in Paris (for the second time already). They finished the race tired but excited. It was an inspiring experience to run for a good cause together with thousands of other volunteers and be part of a global movement. Therapixel is honored to join this fight against this deadly disease!