Research presentation at ECR

Therapixel Clinical Research Manager, Serena Pacilè, will be presenting findings from our Reader study at at the Digital ECR 2020 at the RPS 702 Session. We invite you to hear her research presentation:

Topic: Improving radiologist performance in breast cancer detection with the concurrent use of an artificial intelligence tool

Therapixel's research presentation at the Virtual ECR 2020

Study overview

A study was conducted to evaluate and determine how the use of the concurrent AI tool could improve radiologists’ performance in breast cancer detection. It involved 14 radiologists who read 240 mammographic cases with and without the aid of AI. The AI tool, MammoScreen, was used to identify abnormalities in the mammogram and assess their malignancy. The cases included 80 true positives, 40 false negatives, 80 true negatives, and 40 false positives. The study proved the improvement in radiologist reading performance with the use of AI software.

Please find the full text of the article in the Book of Abstracts of ECR: (page 315).